Ongoing Support

Once a software solution is developed and deployed it is not just done. There are some matters to take care of and on regular basis. E.g. Data Backups, Troubleshooting, Maintenance, Future Enhancements and more. Besides, if a software system is deployed online or on cloud hosting, its hosting and management is itself ongoing task.

We offer Ongoing services to support our customers with their software solutions. It gives our customers peace of mind and saves them from panic situations like data loss, server unavailability, no scalability options and a lot more.

We believe in long-term customer relationship. We not only deliver the Software or IT solution, we assure that our clients are getting maximum benefits out of the software solution and that the business functions are running smoothly , data backups are taken regularly and properly, any required maintenance or management of the software modules is taken care of and troubleshooting is performed well in time and any enhancements or forthcoming requirements are properly taken into consideration to be the part of upcoming module or new software releases or versions.

We really like to walk with our clients, seeing them prosper and enjoy the availed software solutions and IT services. An annual service agreement helps us plan and manage the best of our IT services for our valuable clients.

Annual Contractual Agreement for IT Services covers, depending upon the contract:

  • Maintenance and Management of Software solutions, web applications or IT Services
  • Troubleshooting the issues that occur unexpectedly
  • Data backups at regular intervals of software and management systems
  • Assure the minimum downtime of the online IT / web services
  • Making changes in the software or website / web application, within the scope of Annual IT Services Agreement.
  • Enhancements in the software modules, web applications or IT services, within limited scope, as per contract.
  • Administration of the running software modules, websites, web applications or IT services

Application Hosting

Online Deployment

Accessability, Database
Ongoing Support


Single Point of Entry

Multilevel User Access

Authentication and Authorization

Web Based Solutions

No Local installation, No heavy requirements

Real Solutions

Problem Solving , Easy and Effective

Days of Desktop applications are almost gone, now people want all their business stuff online. Most of business, industries and institutions like to have access to their management systems / software solutions from wherever they are and wherever they go. Users want to get rid of additional responsibilities like Server side Administration, Data Backups, Up-time considerations etc. They like to have all such tasks done for them so that they may focus on their business development, their core job and have a peace of mind.

Online Deployment Services & Benefits

Peace of mind

Online application hosting

Accessible from everywhere

Better uptime

Automatic data backups

Ease of troubleshooting

Low monthly charges

Software as a Service (SaaS) / Cloud based software solutions

We offer to host our developed software solutions to be deployed online. It could be an online hosting or a cloud based deployment depending upon the feasibility. This model is known as Software As A Service (SaaS).

A major benefit of SaaS is that the IT support costs are reduced by outsourcing their software maintenance, data backups and application hosting management to the SaaS provider. Also they don’t have to worry about hardware like Server machines and their maintenance. It is all taken care of by SaaS provider, mostly the one who has developed the solution for you and in this case software related issues are well handled and option for future software enhancements is also available. Customer has to pay for these services but cost is nothing when we compare it with the advantange.

End-users access their software application via internet, wherever they are, they just need a computer/laptop with an internet connection. They got their credentials to the application and start working on it, no need for some client-side installations and no worries about data backups.